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Yuanzheng golo technician box 3 generation obd detector car computer car system diagnostic instrument maintenance lamp zero

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Model Technician Box 2
Color Classification Version Does Not Include Extension Cord + Maintenance Light To Zero + Gift 6 Car Software Android Simple Version Does Not Include Extension Cord +11 Special Features + Does Not Include Model Software

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Product Q & A

Yuanzheng x431pro3s golo technician box car fault detector can repair...

A: Of course, but you need to have the data of this car. Your small instrument needs to open the information of this car.

Yuanzheng golo technician box and excellent driving which is better

A: The golo technician box is a professional repairing tool. The best driver is the owner of the car. How to compare?

How much is the car diagnostic artifact golo technician box

A: Many versions, what kind of you want, is Apple or Android, how many gifts are required, if you need to know, you can go to Taobao to find zmycgz store, what after-sales service is in place?

What is the golo technician box and 431? Is it worth buying? What is special...

A: The car is less convenient to use the technician box, and the car is more than X431.

Can the golo technician box match the anti-theft chip?

A: Yes, as long as the box has been purchased or given the diagnostic software for the model, and the mobile phone must be bound to the mobile phone. You must go to the corresponding system to read and eliminate the fault code.

Yuanzheng golo technician box failed to read the connector

A: You can only use it once. After registering the account, you can bind the technician box activation code. If the account is lost, the golo technician box will be scrapped...

How does the golo4 technician box diagnose faults?

A: golo4 is used by car owners, can read code and clear code, but can not do special tests such as action test, matching, etc. golo technician is a professional diagnostic tool. So some of the questions you ask are not clear.

Why does the golo technician box always fail during remote diagnosis?

4 network communication is good; 5 vehicles need to idle; 6 technician customers...

Can the Yuanzheng golo technician box be used to diagnose diesel engines?

A: Yes, the software costs money to buy

Is the Yuanzheng technician box easy to use?

A: Most cars can be used! Some functions of BBA can also be used!