Zhengtai air switch household small circuit breaker DZ47 upgrade air switch without leakage protector plastic shell main gate

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Product specifics
Brand CHNT / Chint
Model Air Switch 1P40A
Rated Current 10A16A20A25A32A40A63A
Arc Extinguishing Method Magnetic Blow Circuit Breaker
Type Of Leakage Protector 1P
Pole Number 1P2P3P4p

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Product Q & A

Zhengtai circuit breaker air switch, leakage protector, NBE7 and NXBE series ...

Speaking of technical aspects, I really can't say it; I can only say from a development point of view that now Chint is launching the Kunlun series and intends to gradually replace ...

Zhengtai circuit breaker dz267 double-in and double-out MCB, and dz47 series 2p double-in ...

the difference

What is the difference between DZ47-63 and DZ47-60

The fastest off time is 5 seconds to 10 seconds, 10 seconds to 16 seconds. DZ47-63 small circuit breaker is used for AC 50HZ or 60HZ, rated voltage below 400V, ...

What is the difference between Chint air switch and circuit breaker

, The current in the circuit increases instantaneously or gradually, using the heating and bending characteristics of double gold or using the circuit ...

Is the difference between Zhengtai nbe7 and dz47?

Avoid excessive tightening and cracking of traditional binding posts!

The difference between Zhengtai air switch NBE7 and DZ47LE

DZ47LE series leakage circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V, rated current 32A50A line, ...

Is there any 2P25A for Chint

Answer: There are 2P25A for Chint Airspace, see the picture below.

Zhengtai Molded Case Circuit Breaker Air Switch Air Switch nm1-250s / 3300 160 ...

Answer: Hello, if the power factor of three-phase electricity is calculated as 0.85, the maximum power that the circuit breaker can withstand is: P3UIcos1.7323801600.8589kW.

What is the essential difference between Zhengtai leakage protection air switch DZ267 DZ47, home ...

The DZ47LE is only equipped with leakage protection.If you want to say that there is any essential difference, it is that the arc extinguishing method is different.DZ47 is a magnetic blow circuit breaker, and DZ267 is a vacuum circuit breaker ...

What is the difference between Chint air switch models nxb63 and nbe63?

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