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Jewellery stones

Shopping for Jewelry, diamond, emerald, gold, Natural pearls (new), Jewellery stones Japanese seawater Mabe pearl bare beads 12-30mm natural pearl Mabe can be found inlaid with aurora colorful overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

Natural living 蚌
Mr. Huang Jewelry Big Blueberry Single Bead 鲜 Fresh Edison Big Live 蚌 蚌 一 一 一
Natural living 蚌
Jierun Jewelry One Yuan Make up the difference link
Diy natural color freshwater pearl 5A flat round bare beads loose beads
Freshwater Pearl Demon Purple Big Fat Single Pearl 蚌 Guaranteed 10mm
Pearl said live custom finished product link
Customized shoot link
Reborn Ruibao Pearl Natural Freshwater Pearl New Blueberry 蚌 Live open to draw pearls
Zhuji night Hua pigeon eggs Edison single beads 蚌 fresh water beads diy live open 蚌 蚌 不 不 不
Zhuji Night Huajia Monopoly Emperor Shaped 蚌plus Pearl 蚌 Live Broadcasting
Various brooch

Various brooch



Private customized live broadcast
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