Thickened Waterproof Laptop Office Desk Pad | Korean Student Leather Mouse Pad | Large Size

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Product details
Brand Self-restraint · decorating the home
Model Hy_hb0653
Province Guangdong province
City Guangzhou city
Origin Chinese mainland
Merchant Self-cultivation decoration flagship store

Desk Mat - 【120*60】brown+apricot - Self-restraint · decorating the home

Hello everyone~ today i have a very practical treasure for you - desk mat. the mat is solid color. it simple and elegant when laid on table. makes people feel comfortable just by looking at it. its material pu leather + cotton linen, which delicate, soft wear-resistant. durable, moisture-proof stain-proof, patron saint of your desk. whether are writing, drawing, eating or drinking it, can help do easily make desktop look brand new instantly.

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