LED lamp driver constant current two-color segmentation ballast dimming color ceiling lamp 8W24W36W transformer 2pcs

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Product specifics
Brand Other/other
model 318
Color Classification Three-color segmented square 12-24X2, three-color segmented high-end square 25-36X2, three-color segmented high-end square 36-502W, three-color segmented square 24-362, three-color variable-isolated square 18-25X1, monochrome, Isolation male plug 1-3, intelligent three-segment square 8-24, intelligent three-segment square 36+36, three-color round 24-36X2, three-color square 24-402, four-color square double plug 25-40X3, three-color change, Optical isolation 24-361, four-segment square dimming 18-362, monochrome square terminal port 8-24, monochrome square terminal port 24-36, monochrome square terminal port 40-60, monochrome round terminal port 8-, 24, monochrome round terminal port 24-36, monochrome square male plug 8-24, monochrome square male plug 24-36, monochrome square male plug 40-60, three-color isolation Taiwan universal terminal 25-36X1, three, Color segmented square 40-60X2, three-color segmented circle 12-24X2
Voltage 111V~240V included

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