Menard Beauty Reishi Moisturizing Makeup Remover Massage Cream

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Product details
Brand Menard
Facial massage cream single product Difan dx ganoderma essence beauty cream
Origin China
Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number Su g makeup network prepared word 2017001491
Merchant Meinado flagship store
Effect Moisturizing and makeup removal
Specification type Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic No
Manufacturer name Suzhou baimei cosmetics co., ltd.
Expiration date range 2024-05-18 to 2025-04-23
Production enterprise production license number Su makeup 20160142

Massage Cream - 150g - Menard

Babies who like massage and skin care, your good news comes to our menard ganoderma lucidum hydrating, moisturizing, beauty makeup remover cream, which can clean the skin, leaving refreshed. family’s exclusive research development of particles, it melts away with just one swipe, a few gentle massages, bring out all blackheads whiteheads, making instantly translucent. this product is also super moisturized repaired. effectiveness, make healthier healthier. use once day in morning evening for month you will see obvious results.

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