Olay Translucent Moisturizing Cream 50g X 2 Bottles - Hydrating, Whitening Cream For Women

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Product details
Brand Olay
Olay series Olay translucent moisturizer
Origin China
Suitable for skin type Various skin types
Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number Guangdong g makeup network preparation number 2023277844
Merchant Runfei cosmetics store
Effect Moisturizing, lifting and firming
Specification type Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic No
Expiration date range 2024-09-01 to 2025-08-01
Cosmetics shelf life 36 months

Moisturizer - 50g 2 bottles - Olay

Hello everyone~ today i’m going to give you a super useful face cream - olay/olay translucent moisturizer. this is not an ordinary cream. it hydrating and moisturizing + lifting firming. can get in one bottle make your skin shiny.

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