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Shopping for Jewelry, diamond, emerald, gold, Jade (new), other Emerald jade live broadcast special shot No SF to pay every day cost-effective new goods leak overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

5.8 yuan one, safe buckle pendant pendant natural Myanmar A goods jade insurance genuine <random delivery>
Newcomer benefits in the live room
Callan live broadcast a special link, non-live room customers photographed not shipped
Callan live two second shot link Non-live room customer photographed not shipped
Shu Rui jade jewelry non-live room users do not shoot
Carat bear natural jade original stone live broadcast custom
Li Shang Cui Pin Live fans exclusive natural jade A cargo bracelet one shot and one pay
Emerald City Live Natural A cargo jade jade bracelet bracelet ring Guanyin Buddha wishful
Gogan / fruit dare jade QC002 jade bracelet pendant pendant jade pendant goods integration
Shu Rui jade jewelry non-live room users do not shoot
Hong Tao Jewelry Natural Jade Pendant Ice Age Jade Pendant
Fuhui Jewelry Myanmar Jade A Cargo Pendant Ring Pendant
Love Live Link Mountain Landscape Bird Character Pendant Pendant Pendant Private Shot
Natural jade A goods live shot link private shot is invalid
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