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Ning United States host 2 years nationwide warranty home service
Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 Home Simplified Chinese version
Leather game mechanical keyboard hand support wrist pad 60/87/104/108 hand support
Laptop desktop CPU cooler fan lubricants chassis fan graphics fan grease
Climb Genuine Windows 10 Home Edition system Directly installed on the host
Climb Nationwide warranty extended to 2 years / 3 years home repair service
DIY Microsoft Microsoft Genuine Windows 10 Home Simplified 64-bit Chinese version system
Computer case PVC dust net fan server host speaker cabinet DIY dust net cover filter magnetic 12
Cool Cool Extreme Mobil E2 Pro Thermal grease Thermal paste cpu Desktop Notebook Graphics
Cross type Shengxin International notebook CPU does not shoot or send
NVME M.2 to PCI-E3.0X4 high-speed expansion card M2 NGFF to PCI-E M Key SSD adapter
Jiayi SK4 NVME adapter card M.2 to PCIE3.0 full speed X4 expansion M KEY does not support SATA NGFF
IPASON/Climb HDMI to VGA cable adapter computer TV projector HD video adapter cable
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