Overweight Freight Agreement

  • Dear All Buyer,

  • All item have an estimated weight value shown in your shopping cart, It may be Very accurate or Very inaccurate, We'll re-weight for the final weight after your order full arrive at our warehouse!!!

  • Our system will calculate and show the freight according to the weight set by default. In some cases, When parcel actual weight/freight over than system default setting, then we will email to notify you to pay the extra overweight freight based on the most suitable transportation channel and release your parcel.

  • Tips: eBuy7 is committed to providing better Taobao English Agent services to All Overseas Buyers, If the actual weight of the product is very inaccurate show in your shopping cart based on your experience, We suggest that you choose PAY SHIPPING LATER shipping method to submit your order to our system first, then we will contact you to recharge shipping cost again before process your order, If the shipping cost unacceptable, You still can request full refund from us.

  • Any simulated weapon such as Toy & water gun, sword, knife, bullet similar shape items with Chemical substances, Flammable and explosive etc..... No international transshipment supported on eBuy7, Please confirm the above goods do not contain your order merchandise.

  • Please understanding and Thank you for your supporting!

  • ebuy7.com Team.

    How it works

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    search items on taobaoSearch and choose items on our site place orderSubmit your items and place an order. 1st paymentSubmit order and check for updates.
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    order packingYou make payment for overweight freight in some cases. 2nd paymentWe receive items, make quality check and prepare your parcel. shippingTrack online and receive your order.