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Plastic, plastic label

Vanilla label collection, the shop has been consumed by old customers for free
1L food hollow blow molding bottle
Factory direct base brand 1L food injection wide-mouth tank 2 kg loading large mouth barrel
HDPE wire and cable material DGDK-3364 NT Dow heat stable phone and LAN insulation
Make up freight

Make up freight



Weather-resistant PC Jiaxing Teijin L-1225Z100 UV-resistant lighting fixtures
Hanwha Hanwha / Waterborne Acrylic Solid Resin + S-90 / Alkali Soluble Resin +1kg for sale
PA66/Japan Asahi Kasei/1200S high flow, high temperature resistant thin wall products
PC Shanghai Costron Bayer 6487 Medium Viscosity Impact Household Appliances Bucket Medical
PA66/BASF/A3EG6 plus fiber 30% high rigidity dimensional stable electrical component nylon
Marking cable tie, signage, cable tie, cable tie, cable tie, 4*200, 250, 1 package
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