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Power socket / wiring board

ROMOSS/Roman Shi PS-FH50U multi USB smart plug 2.4A fast charge with switch power socket
Netherlands Allocacoc creative socket cube security patch panel USB patch panel A1752
Bay Bridge K514 multimedia desktop socket embedded hdmi HD conference desk multi-function junction box
Xiaomi / millet millet patch panel usb multi-function plug power strip
Huntkey/Hangjia SSH608 plug-in terminal block tow board multi-purpose plug-in power strip plug socket
Deli/ Deli 18267 New GB 50mm large hole 6-bit power socket Plug-in plug-in tow board
Dutch Allocacoc PowerCube expandable New modular socket USB tow board Creative socket
Copper Colour copper color RCA seat RCA female lotus socket lotus female head RCA socket
Philips/Philips SPS2630B 3 m 6-position terminal block socket master control Tray board portable
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