Pre-sale: 76 Varieties Of Freshly Harvested, Preserved, And Exquisitely Cooked Japanese Vegetables - Authentic Eastern Imported Food Book

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Product details
Isbn number 9789864753147
Author Seidongsha editorial department
Published date 2017-03
Imported book classification Life
Number of pages 192
Paper Coated paper
Language Traditional chinese
Text language Traditional chinese
Version Paperback
Merchant Tuote book store
Publisher name Taiwan dongfang
Content mode Image text
Author's region Taiwan
Format 18.2 x 23.3 cm open

Vegetable - pre-sale

Everyone, today i am going to give you a very practical japanese farmer's secret book called "76 vegetable harvesting, preservation, and cooking". the author is editorial department of xidongsha. publication date march 2017. has total 192 pages. , full useful information, this tells exclusive secrets farmers on how grow, pick, preserve cook various vegetables. whether are novice or veteran, can find recipe that suits you. contains exquisite pictures detailed step-by-step instructions, allowing understand it at glance master as soon learn it. not only teaches cook, but also allows nutritional value efficacy each vegetable, making your cooking more enjoyable. eat healthier. want lose weight nourish yourself, help achieve an original imported available in dongbu. so, if authentic farm cooking, don’t miss

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