Ready-Made Cantonese And Hong Kong Tutorials With QR Code For Quick Learning | Original Version From Hong Kong Sanlian Bookstore

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Isbn number 9789620447990
Author Zheng dingou, zhang liyan, gao shiying
Published date 2021-04-01
Edition printing number 1
Imported book classification Culture
Number of pages 416
Paper Light paper
Language Traditional chinese
Text language Traditional chinese)
Merchant China business book store
Publisher name Hong kong sanlian bookstore
Subtitle Cantonese (hong kong) tutorial (revised version) (scan the qr code to listen to the recording)
Format Large 32 open
Binding type Paperback-perfect binding

Hong Kong Tutorial - Hong kong joint publishing house

Hey, your tool for learning hong kong-style cantonese is right. this "cantonese (hong kong) tutorial" (revised edition) full of kong flavor on the cover. once you open it, wow, it life. , will bring to charming city in one go. heard that book was produced by joint publishing company. what’s even more surprising industry leaders also has a recording version can be listened scanning qr code. allowing hear pure pronunciation while studying, making an excellent companion oral practice. what are waiting for? come and learn together experience culture.

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