Rhema slr camera moisture-proof box photographic equipment box drying box moisture-absorbing card lens dehumidification mildew-proof seal large stamp coins food ingredients medicine tea electronic storage sealed box free shipping

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Product details
Moisture-proof brand Eirmai
Material Plastic
Product size Inner length 38cm wide 26cm high 24cm
Manufacturer Cixi tongrui photographic equipment co., ltd.
Moisture-resistant tool type Moisture-proof box
Product type Small equipment box
Merchant Bot digital accessories store
Storage capacity 10l (inclusive)-30l (inclusive)

Moisture-proof boxes have a variety of uses. they include moisture-proof boxes, slr cameras, suitcases and other accessories. you can choose styles in different colors. the range of choices is very wide. the adjustable rod allows you to choose different thicknesses according to your needs. it has good moisture absorption and drainage. function, provide the best comfort and avoid damage to the hands.

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