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Ropes / tie / office wire

Shopping for Office Equipment, Ropes, tie, office wire, Cable ties Black plastic nylon disposable factory standard small cable tie 4*200mm width 2.7mm non-standard nylon cable tie overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

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One plastic nylon cable ties buckle small size 4 5350 x 200 300mm 8x 250 150
GB three-resistant nylon cable ties 5*150 5*200 5*250 5*300 5*350 5*400 5*450mm
Nylon Cable Tie 4*200mm 500 Color Self-locking Plastic Fixed Black and White Seal Bundle Tie Buckle
Self-locking nylon cable tie plastic pull buckle 5*300 4*150 8 x 200 250 300 400 500mm
10*400/600/650/700/800/900/1200mm Extra long large plastic nylon cable ties with dead dogs
Retractable nylon cable ties 8*600mm fixed buckle live buckle buckle plastic large detachable reuse
Self-locking nylon cable ties 10cm15cm20cm30cm plastic buckle white cable ties with wire harness
Self-locking nylon cable ties buckle large strong plastic cable ties 5*300 8500 4*200mm white
GB color 4*150 width 3.6mm storage finishing 100 plastic nylon self-locking cable tie two bags
Self-locking nylon cable ties 8*300*200*250*400*500MM plastic buckle strong cable ties wide 7.2 wide
8*450 detachable loose straps Nylon snaps can be used repeatedly.
10*450/550/650/720/760/1000/1500mm bulk extra long large nylon cable ties with dead dogs
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