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Speed Switch

220V US-52 AC motor governor 15W25W40W60W90W120W180W250W speed switch
Shanghai Delixi single phase 220v AC motor fan governor angle grinder stepless speed switch thermostat
Stepless speed switch
Stove alcohol oil stove fan speed switch / blower gear switch / throttle controller Shengju 220/350W
US-52 AC Motor Geared Motor Speed ​​Regulator Switch 220V 60W90W120W150W180W200W
Kitchen stove blower switch electronic high power transmission fan 220V AC motor fan speed regulator
DC governor PWM Shanghai Delixi 12V24V36V 9-60V universal motor control high power switch
DC motor governor 6V12V24V36V48V60V72V90V universal positive and negative PWM module 15A
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