Spot Cookie Books: The Recipe For Popular Ressources Fruit Workshop Biscuits By Nitta Yuko

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Isbn number 9789866210617
Author Yuko nitta
Published date 2018/7/10
Imported book classification Life
Number of pages 96
Language Traditional chinese
Text language Traditional chinese)
Version Paperback
Merchant Tuote book store
Publisher name Publishing chrysanthemum
Format 19 x 26 cm open
Binding type Paperback

Biscuit - workshop

Today i recommend a great book to you. it’s not biscuit. the biscuit recipe from popular ressources fruit workshop. that’s right, new about workshop that makes your taste buds dance and mouth water. published by yuko contains large number of classic biscuits confectionery each one is careful work masters, allowing you easily make same delicacy at home. whether are beginner or an expert, this it can meet needs teach step how perfect cookies, so family friends will be crazy cookies.

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