The Golden Ratio Of Sauce Making Tips - 120 Nutritious Recipes

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Isbn number 9789861303253
Author Academic research editorial department
Published date 2020/02/13
Imported book classification Life
Language Traditional chinese
Merchant Tuote book store
Publisher name Taiwan guangsha

Tips For Making Sauce - studies

Hey, today i’m going to give you a super practical kitchen guide - "the secret of golden ratio sauce making 571, as told by chef fugai the gakuyan editorial department". it is an original imported health book that contains 120 recipes and 571 sauces. , in your circle friends makes mouth-watering delicacies. guess what? these sauces are carefully studied chefs formulated ratios, ensuring nutrition deliciousness. also cover home-cooked menus, which simple easy learn. even if novice kitchen, can get started quickly make dining table healthy delicious.

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