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1870 American gorham company lily orchid models high quality sterling silver nut fork
Val Saint Lambert San Rambo cut glass vase / flower
British fine snail silver brooch
American high-floating carved flower antique silver dressing hanging mirror
Russian 1896 Antique Silver Spoon
Antique Old Silver Spoon, 1841, Dublin, UK
American blue crystal inlaid antique silver brooch
A set of 1838 antique silver spoons in Russia
Russian-inlaid gemstone gold ring
European old silver powder brush
Soviet-Latvia Ukrainian embossing process gold-plated old silver spoon 3 sets
Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1961, a pair of silver carved antique napkin rings in 1962
Soviet silver craft antique silver ring
Set of 4 pieces of sand carved antique silver spoon
American openwork engraved inlaid zircon old silver ring 2
Soviet Caucasus Ukrainian craft engraved gold-plated antique silver cup holder 2
British 19th Century Antique Snail Bead Necklace
Russian Russian silver craft silver plated antique silver cup holder 4
1888 antique silver thimble in Birmingham, England
Shawwu silver engraved antique silver bracelet
3 Russian Alexandria III antique silver spoons in 1882-1894
The bronze statue of the Soviet Union’s large Markov
Soviet gold-plated enamel carved antique silver spoon 8 sets of original boxes
Soviet Union gold-plated enamel old silver spoon 6 sets with original box 1
Russian gold-plated old silver spoon
British Sheffield 1946 antique silver tea spoon set of 6
A pair of Russian carved vodka silver wine glasses
Soviet Caucasus Ukrainian craft engraved old silver spoon 3 sets
Soviet Union brought a set of 4 vodka silver wine glasses
Soviet silver old shell carving pendant 2
British Exeter 1865 Victorian Antique Silver Bread Cutter
British antique enamel silver plated cutlery set of 5
Soviet hand-carved silver antique tea can
Soviet Union silver-engraved gold-plated silver tea leak
1970s Japan Seto Kizeto style yellow glaze tea bowl
Soviet gemstone inlaid antique silver ring
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