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Shopping for Home accessories, Carving, Woodcarving No.1 shop carved picture Buddha statue Shentai fine carving picture engraving map gray map FK-006 Buddha 龛 hanging material set overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

4 kg of scraps can be taken for 100 yuan or more.
Foreign lace corner carvings Corner carvings Yanghua carvings Corner JDP Yanghuajiao BJ-066
Golden nanmu wood logs, scraps, materials, engraving materials, pen materials
Classic carved bat eagle bat gray map BF-002 single bat material 10 packs collection
Pendant carvings 12 Zodiac carvings 12 Zodiac grayscale GJSX-007 new 12 Zodiac 46
Redwood material scraps scraps beads wood Jinsi Nanmu blood sandalwood 9.9 yuan 2 kg
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