Honeywell PTM7950

Thermal conductivity: 8.5W/mk
Thermal Resistance: 0.04 °Ccm2/W
Patented new polymer thermally conductive phase change material (PCM), more durable
45°C phase change to ensure maximum surface consistency
Sheet material, easy construction and operation

Honeywell's PTM7950 is a highly thermally conductive phase change material (PCM) in the 7900 series, available in pad and phase change sheet forms, designed to reduce thermal resistance at the interface, pass reliability testing and maintain excellent performance. Based on a new polymer PCM system, this material operates at typical operating temperatures It exhibits good interfacial wettability in the range of degrees, resulting in extremely low surface contact resistance. Better for today's high-performance laptops.

How Phase Change Materials Work

. At room temperature, the thermally conductive phase change material remains solid and cannot discharge the air in the interface.

. As the temperature increases, the phase change thermally conductive material becomes softer and softer, the air at the interface begins to be pushed out, and the temperature begins to drop.

. When the phase-change thermally conductive material reaches the phase-transition temperature, the phase-change thermally conductive material becomes liquid, which can greatly wet the interface, exhaust the air in the interface, reduce the thermal resistance of the interface, and transmit the heat as much as possible; when the device is in a non-working state , the phase change thermally conductive material becomes solid again, but keeps 100% of the interface completely wet.


1. How big should I buy?

The CPU model is a gaming laptop with the end of h, such as 9750h,

10875h/]2800h/4800h, 5800h, etc., generally recommended

The 0mm is enough for the cpu and gpu core of this computer

2. Where is Honeywell 7950 used?

It can only be used for CPU and GPU cores, not for video memory and power supply.

It is not a traditional thermal conductive silicone sheet, which is equivalent to a sheet of silicon

grease, to replace the use of the original silicone grease

3. Can it be mixed with silicone grease?

No, it can be used alone to replace silicone grease

4. Can it be used in multiple layers?

No, it can only be used in a single layer, the standard thickness of silicone grease is 0.2 mm

Too thick will affect the cooling effect

5. Can the desktop be used?

It can be used, we have done a detailed comparison test, and the performance is also outstanding